Sherwood Forest

Rarely do I love contemporary fashion trends, because well, they don’t look good on me a lot of the time. Like the majority of women, jeans mostly don’t fit me, and I hate clackin’ around the city in uncomfortable shoes … so I pretty much placed a moratorium on heels this year, and embraced two basic looks: the Ellen (smart looking pants and tops, cool sneakers and an overall playful vibe) and Sherwood Forest.

“What IS Sherwood Forest?” you ask. It’s the fabulous look that allows those who rock it to essentially walk around in public in pajamas ─ cozy tights and leggings, loose dresses, snuggly sweaters, comfy boots. It’s the layered, rustic, beautiful vagabond. Think Stevie Nicks. One of my favorite things about Sherwood is that, done correctly, it’s dressy enough for the office yet cool enough for the streets, and of course, nimble enough to navigate the forests.


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