you know the drill …

yesterday i got caught in an emergency drill whilst buying myself a yogurt in our ghetto cafeteria on the 20th floor (there are 36 floors in my building). it’s always annoying to have to leave the office for such drills, especially when we’re busy, but after experiencing 9/11 and the blackout while working in a very tall iconic Manhattan building, i’ve learned to suck it up and even listen to the ex-firemen running the drills every 1 out of 4 times.

not only do these guys impart info that could conceivably save lives down the line, but they often offer the added benefit being funny. yesterday the guy delivered an impassioned message to the ladies about how heels and flip flops are not good shoes to escape in.

my favorite part about this particular drill was the handout, though. it has illustrations of the bedlam that will ensue during different types of non-fire emergencies (chemical release, blackout, natural disaster, biological, and nuclear).


by the way i will be evacuating the premises today to attend to a few last-minute shopping emergencies. despite my earlier shit talking, there’s still a bit left to do …

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