When we were little it meant mom and dad were going out to the same restaurant with the same group of friends every year. We the kids would hang around at home drinking Coke and eating bagel chips with rondele. The parents would get home and we’d all watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve for a bit. By that point, the adults were too buzz-happy to regulate our media consumption, and after a while we’d slip out to the basement to watch dirty comedy specials on HBO.

In high school we’d scheme on how to procure alcohol and where to drink said alcohol.

In the late teens and early 20’s, we paid too much dough to go to crappy bars/clubs in the city where the guidos were abundant and the drinks were watery and difficult to obtain.

By the late 20’s we gave up on going out and opted to gather at one another’s places and be drunk jackasses together.

Now, at 32, I want nothing other than to see some pals, have some nice eats and drinks and sleep well into the next morning, waking up on the first day of the year sans hangover.

Happy New Year, lovies!

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