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monday morning dance party!

i remember loving this song and knowing that george michael most definitely didn’t want my sex. c-c-c-c-come on. regardless, he sure as hell created a mood: one that calls for the horizontal mambo. huuuaaarh sex!

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monday morning dance party!
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  • george had so many hits. i have the album “faith” on my ipod and i still love it.

    lost — love that the asain chick sparked a competitive vibe in you. and i too have the memory of being like, “what, what — he’s talking about sex?!!” it was scandalous at the time. looking back it was pretty tame. and to think … today’s kids have shit like britney.

    laurie — freedom was also quite the coup — how he got all those fashion icons together.

    john — you are so right about the amish look. i had totally forgotten about that. remember the father figure video — he picks the supermodel up in a taxi and proceeds to become her lover (and father figure).

  • Monkey was my fave. Besides the song’s kick ass bass line, you gotta love the video with George in Amish drag.

  • My personal favorite is FREEEEEEDOM.

    Cindy Crawford never looked better.

  • OMG. I remember hating that asian chick, thinking, that if (by some slim chance that George wasn’t gay) that I would totes be a way hotter and cuter asian chick than her. Nonetheless, I will forever remain a GM fan, his voice is just smooth.

    I love the song, anyway….remember when that song “seemed” scandalous? Like, OMG, he said, SEX!!!!!!

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