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fools rush in where i fear to tread …

How evil are you?

i really don’t put a lot of stock in this thing. i like to think of myself as a bad girl but i’m posting here anyway to alleviate my guilty conscience for loving this song which gem introduced me to. and thanks laurs for the quiz.

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  • right on, y’all. quizzes like these are so silly. what’s interesting is how we respond to them. i am no angel at all. i am jealous, spiteful, acquisitive, judgmental, vindictive, prideful. wish i could say that i do everything with good intent, but i don’t. i’m imperfect, i’m human, i’m a work in progress. i think what tipped the quiz was the question on what do i fantasize about. i answered world peace. that is true. i think about it all the time. how we humans can overcome our violent compulsions, whether violence is inevitable or we’ve just been enculturated to believe that.

  • I’m not evil. Everything I do is with good intent. Sometimes I turn my heart into stone, one has to do that, or the world destroys us, right? But ignoring the beggar, turning cold shoulder to need, being unresponsive to those who hurt us, that’s not evil, is it? I fear, not being evil isn’t angelic either…

  • i’m either angelic or insane, depending on how i skew the answers. hehe.

  • nwo

    I’m not very evil. I’m disappointed in myself.

  • John in IL

    I took the quiz and it said I was “pure evil”. Damn internet quizzes. How can you be pure evil and love teh kittehs, too?

  • Great song & you are an angel!

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