the richard bey show


do you remember the richard bey show? it was a nationally syndicated talk show in the mid nineties that competed with jerry springer. Says Wikipedia:

The Richard Bey Show, which began in 1990 and was produced from WWOR-TV in Secaucus, New Jersey, featured such competitive events as the ‘Miss Big Butt’ contest, ‘The Mr. Puniverse Contest’, ‘Dysfunctional Family Feud’ and ‘Blacks who think OJ is guilty vs Whites who think he is innocent’. Bey’s show made frequent use of sound effects like ‘uh-Duh’ for an inane response, ‘I’ve been framed’ for a guest proclaiming innocence and ‘You’re busted!’ for one accused of wrongdoing. Bey would often exclaim “Where do they find these people?!”

you will be shocked to know that i was a fan, as were my college roommates. during our Fall break sophomore year Beth and I dressed up like Guidettes and participated in the live studio audience in Secaucus. i don’t remember the topic of the show but they DID have a close up on us a few times and i DO have it on VHS at my Mom’s house. some day i will have it converted for friends of colsblog’s viewing pleasure. in the meantime, here’s some photo documentation:


and here’s a clip of the show to give you a taste for what it was all about:

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  • laquanda barber

    Hi I was a guest on the Richard bey show “MY SKINNY SISTER THINKS SHES ALL THAT..I never seen the episode it never aired on Tv how can I get a copy.My name then was Laquanda Jefferson and my sister was Cheryl Walton it was in 1996

  • col

    hi sonya, that is a tough one. i think your best bet is to reach out to richard directly through his web site to ask for help: http://richardbey.org/

  • sonya quinn

    i was a guest on the richard bey show “i hate my skinny sister.” needless to say i had a blast. however i have not been able to find footage of the show anywhere.. it aired in 1996 in the spring. i have searched everywhere ii know.. can you help?

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  • Bro Bri

    Richard Bey, wow. I really do wonder what that little guy is doing these days. He and Morton Downey Jr. were so great. If you say otherwise, I say “zip it!”

  • ZOMG. The shit goes down in Secaucus, yo.

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