highway to ellen: dead end

ellend.jpgan update on our attempt to be ellen’s road-trip team. DENIED! she instead chose a bunch of chicks from henderson, nevada who made a determinedly unfunny video. from a producer’s perspective, i get it. getting four chicks from a small town to drop everything, get in a car and do whatever you say for 10 days would be easier and cheaper than, say, getting four women in four different major cities, all quite willful and far away from los angeles, to convene on a moment’s notice. but damn, we’d be worth the hassle and expense! beth also astutely pointed out that ellen’s humor is at its finest when she has ordinary/unfunny people to play off of. faced with the likes of the extraordinary navarre chicks, it might not work as good. these are the rationales we’re using to stroke our collectively bruised ego. wah wah. regardless, we still love you, ellen!

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  • Anna

    Um, “husband”, SERIOUSLY? Is that really necessary? Doesn’t your wife like work at a church or something? WWJD, dude? If you are indeed who you say you are, why not just be happy that your wife got a great trip and now you have a new car? Why go stalking the internet trying to find people to be a bitch to?

    As a side note, I don’t know Colleen or her friends–am just a fan of the show.

  • Husband of one of the highway to ellen winners

    cry a little more why dont you

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