beantown bonus

beantown bonus

Had a quick visit to Boston … got there Monday night and left Tuesday after my meeting. Stayed at the Fairmont Copley on St. James St. (Amazing bed). Got to meet Cousin Kate, her Mom (Aunt Peg) and Conor (Kate’s fiance) for drinks and snacks at the Westin before heading back to South Station to catch my train. The Westin is the designated Hotel for Kate & Conor’s wedding weekend next year … President’s Weekend 2009. I am honored to be the maid of honor. They took me to South Street station to catch my 6:45 train. Upon arriving I discovered that there was an accident and my train back to NYC would be delayed (if it left at all). Amazingly, I ran into the same high school friend i ran into a few weeks ago. he was supposed to be on the same train. we ended up flying jet blu together … totally fun and stress free, and got home before the train would have had it been on time. Bonus!

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