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el fin de semana

what a week. been workin’ like a daaaawwg. it’s always like this this time of year. but man oh man. friday i forced myself to leave the office at 6:30 and met some pals for a friend’s bday. sat. i wrote for four to five hours. made good structural progress, but still have a ways to go on the words. got a short run in and had dinner at spill’s. we watched 3:10 to yuma, the 1957 original with glenn ford.

woke up and edited, read aloud, tweaked for about 2 hours. not at all perfect or done but i had to give myself a day off so i emailed it off and cut the chord. ran again, briefly. then met the gals for brunch at taralucci e vino and heard about new boyfriends, new jobs and various euro adventures.

left there, picked up a zipcar and headed to jerz for a mini party for bro bri’s 35th bday. snugglekins was in full effect. bri had a bunch of 8 millimeter film converted to DVD and we watched incredible old videos of our grandparents — pre-WWII getting married in brooklyn. cool to see them so young and vital. and then my mom as a hilarious, hammin’ in up baby and little girl. so funny and cute. also my parents on their  honeymoon in 1969. very cool and trippy to watch. the goal is to edit it down, add music and share with the entire fam.

am really glad that i took some time off and connected with people i love. that’s the best way for me to manage stress and allows me to come back refreshed and ready to go on monday.

bri’s 35th bday — mini party in closter
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