dance while you can

i’ve been struggling with re-entry to new york and life in general after my low-stress, mind-body-and-soul-enriching mexican getaway. the crass, grinding comsumption, materialism, blind ambition, acquisitiveness and brutality of new york city are ever so apparent … and unappealing.

today i helped alleviate that stress by dropping $300 on makeup at barney’s.


i don’t want zen col to be such a separate part of me. i want my various selves to be integrated. i don’t want to follow the stupid patterns that society and tradition dictate. i don’t want to be trapped in a life or career that i don’t desire.

but while i’m still in this life i will take pleasure in the little things. like fancy makeup that makes me look and feel great. and like the new york post’s coverage of the equinox gym spin class assault case .

That’s when the bothered broker admittedly leaped off his bike, stormed two bikes over to Sugarman, and then hoisted the front wheel of the hooting hedge-funder’s 150-pound Schwinn up off the ground – perhaps shouting, “F- – – you!” – and then dropping it.

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