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i read a good book on my vaycay: J. Krishnamurti’s Life Ahead: On Learning and the Search for Meaning. it’s the kind of book that makes you uncomfortable — it makes you face truths you’d been ignoring. Here are some excerpts:

Have you ever looked closely at the society in which you are living and to which you are trying to adjust yourself? That society is based on a set of beliefs and traditions which is called religion, and on certain economic values, is it not? You are part of that society, and you are struggling to adjust to it. But that society is the outcome of acquisitiveness, it is the outcome of envy, fear, greed, possessive pursuits, with occasional flashes of love. And if you want to be intelligent, fearless, non-acquisitive, can you adjust yourself to such a society?

Surely you have to create a new society, which means you as an individual have to be free of acquisitiveness, of envy, of greed, you have to be free of all nationalism, of patriotism, and of all narrowing down of religious thought. Only then is there a possibility of creating something new, a totally new society.


Truth is not something you can gather, accumulate, store up and then rely on as a guide. That is only another form of posession. And it is very difficult for the mind not to acquire, not to store up. When you realize the significance of this, you will find out what an extraordinary thing truth is. Truth is timeless, but the moment you capture it — as when you say, “I have found truth, it is mine” — it is no longer truth.


Freedom of mind comes into being when there is no fear, when the mind has no desire to show off and is not intriguing for position or prestige. Then it has no sense of imitation. When one is afraid, there is always a tendency to imitate. People who are afraid imitate others, they cling to tradition, to their parents, to their wives, to their brothers, to their husbands. And imitation destroys initiative. To awaken the creative process, you must convey the significance of what you see … and not merely copy. To do this you must have a free mind, a mind that is not burdened with tradition, with imitation. But look at your own lives and the lives of about you — how traditional and imitative they are!

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  • thanks everybody for these book tips. now i have a summer reading list!

  • superdave524

    I liked the Carse blurbs, Remon. May give it read.

  • @superdave524,

    another great book of Krishnamurti is
    To Be Human

    Agree with you about de Mello.
    Great teacher with a lot of humor.

    Two great books not to forget:
    – David Carse: perfect brilliant stillness

    Now I’m reading a great book as well:
    untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself
    Author: Michael Singer

  • superdave524

    That is, indeed, cool stuff. Sounds a lot like my vague recollections of Siddhartha many moons ago. Of course, there’s a lot of Buddhism in even the mainstream religions if you look closely (whoever loves his life will lose it, whoever is willing to lose his life will have eternal life, yadda, yadda, yadda). Float a little. Don’t kill everybody around you (literally, of course, but figuratively, too). Other good “big picture” books are “One Minute Nonsense” and “More One Minute Nonsense” by Anthony de Mello, a priest living in India (whose books were frequently did not tow the company line. On “isms” generally, he said better not to have the certainly and strength of an oak tree, but the “dexterity of a swimmer”. Adapt. Be grateful for what life gives you. Cut other people a break. All lots better than “Thou Shalt Not…”

  • Remon

    I agree with you.
    I have read over 30 Krishnamurti books and this book was the latest.
    It is one of the best!
    Very clear.
    Thank you for your comments about the book 🙂

  • Thoughts around the unsatisfying pursuit of happiness via the accumulation of things, materialism, tend to remind me of D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse Winner….a story about the race that can only end in disappointment.

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