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art − ash and i saw the david byrne “play the building” exhibit, right by the staten island ferry, a week ago. we enjoyed it. it was one of those shows where you go, you see it, you get it, and you leave. unless you’re a hipster out cruisin’ for dates, in which case you linger and prepare pedantic pickup lines for dudes with mustaches and chicks with femullets. speaking of uber coolness, i still haven’t made it over to the murakami exhibit, but shall shortly. and damnit i missed the telectroscope thing in brooklyn, whereby you can look through a telescope and see (and wave to) people in london.

film − linda and i saw the satc movie. i really liked. it’s a showcase of these four wonderful characters, and an homage to friendship, and liberated women living life on their own terms. i was late to the satc party … i only started watching after the 3rd or 4th season … early on i was a snob in the “it’s shallow and frivolous” camp. i only had eyes for SFU. but once i gave the show a shot i realized there was much more to the characters and the entire dynamic. i also understand why so many people are threatened by what the show represents … women going after and getting what they want, enjoying pleasurable things, sustaining themselves through their own wits, charms and relationships rather than relying on men and traditional institutions like marriage to take care of them.

zen shit − sunday after yoga i stopped off at the east west bookstore (a favorite zen col hangout) and picked up another title – “meditation” − by indian mystic and guru osho, whom i’ve been reading a lot of lately. made my way over to the water and read, lazed there most of the afternoon on a sweet perch. time passed and group of people came by and sat around me on said perch. at first i was irritated because their banter was distracting me from my book. but once i started listening i discovered that they were a meditation group … and they were talking a lot about osho! the leader, a lovably crazy hippie lady, had known him well … she was talking about building a sod worship center in india. the students shared their troubles and concerns … both abstract and specific. how they struggle with silencing their minds … and are addicted to the mental drama in spite of knowing it’s no good for anybody. one woman couldn’t stand being paid $40 an hour for her engineering skills due to the bad economy (she’s used to receiving double that). another was worried about her green card coming though. another still was saying that he can’t see himself riding out a desk job for the rest of his life. together they brainstormed about creating a food cart business that caters to manhattan professionals — healthy, organic, high-end indian food. they discussed the leadership team, distribution and their marketing plan. they were interesting, warm and i felt like a part of their group (and sort of was). a lovely day by the water.

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  • ha

  • john, one of the group members told her she was lucky to be making $40/hour … that it’s not terrible. but i can appreciate her POV … it’s all relative. if i had a highly specialized skill, and it was abruptly and dramatically devalued, i too would be pissed.

    barry, you’re a jackass.

  • If I made a movie about a bunch of 40 year old guys banging their way through new york and talking about trimming their ass hair I have a feeling you would call these men childish but put one pony in a dress, fucking her way through the bronx zoo and suddenly we have a feminist masterpiece.

  • See, that’s the difference between living in NYC and here. This is the highlight of my summer: Tommy Tutone and Missing Persons, bitches.

    That and I would have had to hit that woman complaining about her $40/hr job. HARD.

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