Cash. Rules. Everything. Around. Me
(as originally intended by The Wu)


Colossal. Ripoff. (by) Egomaniacal. Aggressive. Males.
(a stretch with the “by” shoved in there, i know)

the wall street meltdown comes as little surprise to anyone who remotely follows the market. it was a corrupt, exploitative sytem that ultimately fell down on itself, crushing tens of thousands of people, many of them innocent bystanders. once again i’ll reiterate my theory as to why it all got broke: alpha males run amok. get some balance in the power structures and these kinds of wild excesses will not occur.

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  • superdave524

    Okay, I’m better now. Carry on.

  • superdave524

    As a recovering Type A Male, I resemble those remarks. Wanna fight about it?

  • Bro Bri

    From: http://theamericanscene.com/2008/09/18/messaging

    Obama: We’re in this mess because the fundamentals are bad, and the fundamentals are bad because the Republicans have been ignoring ordinary working people and their needs. Most of what I think we should do is not particularly germane, and what is germane I don’t want to explain in too much detail because I’m worried I might get it wrong. I’m sticking to my platform.

    McCain: We’re in this mess because a bunch of Wall Street hot shots got us into it, but they won’t dare to pull that stuff when I’m in the White House, because I survived five years in a POW camp. Do I look like the kind of guy who hangs around with a bunch of Wall Street sissies who buy their shirts at Thomas Pink? Not on your tintype girlie-girl.

  • Bro Bri

    Men, women – whatever. Bottom line is, loans were given out to people who could not afford homes – for not greed alone, but to allow more folks enjoy “the American dream” out of some sort of politically correct mandate from the US government. So we have greedy alpha males on one hand, and very stupid or totally delusional home buyers on the other – both complicit in this mess.

    You’ll see more emphasis placed on greedy “honchos” by the presidential candidates rather than the shitty policies enacted back in the 90’s which brought us to today. Why? Well, mostly because those stupid or delusional home buyers vote, and they won’t likebeing told they were stupid or delusional, plus the obvious fact there are alot more of them casting votes than there are “predatory” lenders.

  • thanks laurs. and the sentiment is mutual: if you were a public company, i’d buy your stock.

    john — am not forgetting that at all. incidentally only 1.85 percent of all people who have ever served in the U.S. senate have been been female. only 4 percent of the world’s governments are headed by women. (teh googles told me so).

  • Don’t forget the government’s hand in this mess.

  • I’d like to invest in some Cols.

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