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picksjpga wise grandma once said, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friends’ noses. she was wrong, tho. i have friends whose noses i’d pick if they needed me to. and here are two random entertainment picks selected for your sensory pleasure…

1) Q-TIP — The Renaissance

my crush on q-tip springs eternal. love this album. haven’t listened 2 it enough yet but i love, love love it and love love love the cutie Q-Tip.

2) Rachel Getting Married

jonathan demme’s new flick. it’s good. hard to watch having dealt with the ugliness of having an addict in the family. the self absorption. how it’s all about them. how — like it or not — it affects everyone’s relationships, lives. regardless, it’s worth seeing. beautiful ideas for a unique wedding. good music. anne hathaway is great.  here’s a clip.

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