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inspired by recent events …

what a world, what a time. dudes pullin’ $50 billion ponzi schemes and selling senate seats. entire industries folding, and with them the reigning social strata of the past 100 years. crime spree in my nabe (yikes!). so many people in deep denial about who they are and what life’s about. i don’t know anything more than the next gal, but i know madness when i see it.

1) “you’re crazy” by guns n’ roses — the song that comes to mind first.

2) “crazy” by britney spears — life imitates art?and i totes forgot vincent chase was in this video!

3) “let’s go crazy” by prince — if this is what crazy is, lock me up.


4) “crazy train” by ozzy osbourne — another iconic ode to madness from an unintelligible madman

5) “crazy” by gnarles barkley — when did this hit … 2, 3 years ago? still sticks to the brain.

6) “she drives me crazy” by fine young cannibals — insanity, 80’s style.

7) “crazy” by seal — i owned this album. seal is such a dapper man these days, i forgot that he once wore leather overalls, mini dreads and pimp ass trench coats.

8. “crazy” by patsy kline — so beautiful, so classic. reminds me of my aunt barbara (because she loves patsy — not because she’s nuts).

9.  “crazy” by aerosmith — i think this video was when the spotlight first landed on liv. my one liv story: i interviewed her granny once for an article on etiquette (she owns a protocol school for execs). at the time liv was in new zealand filming lord of the rings.

10) “crazy for you” by madonna — now she’s crazy about yoga and arod. but back then it was mesh tank tops and untweezed brows.

okay, so there are tons more but i am drawing the line at 10. is that irrational?

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