aretha's going to disneyworld! (and col's a shut-in)

i’ve been spending 3 to 4 nights a week at my parents’ these days and began to feel guilty leaving aretha all alone in NYC. so this weekend, i decided it was time for her to make the journey to monroe. she was an angel in the car and didn’t make a peep the whole ride.


the re-introduction to duffy went fine (he came to NYC meet her one time this summer, but it was a 5-minute rendezvous tops). he didn’t seem to notice aretha was in the house until an hour or two after we arrived. naturally he wolfed down her food the second he had the opportunity. and he chased her a couple of times, sending her to seek higher ground.with punked out hair.


duff quickly lost interest, allowing aretha to explore the house and make herself comfortable. in no time, she was canvassing the space and chillin’ like a villain.



while she wasn’t into watching the game, aretha participated by sitting in front of the screen.


duff joined us too. there was a halftime stare-down. aretha staring at duff, and duff staring off into space.


how exhausting.


wiped out by the game’s final moments of ups and downs, i snuggled up in my snuggie to type this post, hereby forfeiting any remaining chance i had at appearing cool or attractive.


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