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gotta love that rag!

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  • superdave524

    There is no political solution, to our troubled evolution? Hmmm. Didn’t Stingcover this a few years ago?

  • whether you like it or not bri you are part of the electorate. the electorate voted those congressional jokers into office.

    we did NOT vote the corporate exploiters into office.

    and yet, corporate america continues to abuse its position of power and exploit the system. it’s an attitude of entitlement that flies in the face of merit and fairness.

    i don’t have faith in government either. clearly we need to find a new approach to solving problems — leaving it up to faceless institutions is not working. the so-called authorities and leaders in almost every sector have let us all down.

  • Bro Bri

    I’m not excusing AIG here, but this headline could easily apply to our legislative branch’s pork laden “stimulus bill.” the phoney outrage by congress and the white house rings hallow and is ironic to say the least. after all this grandstanding how willing will other institution be to “partner” with the federal government? scariest phrase ever: “i’m here from the federal government and I’m here to help.”

  • superdave524

    Love it.

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