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richard bey in the new SBC flick

bruno-poster1devoted readers may recall my affinity for the richard bey show. much to my surprise, today at the newsstand,   i spotted richard bey on the cover of the new york observer. i read the article and found it quite interesting. a colleague told me that dicky b appears in the new sascha baron choen film, bruno. so apparently my pals and i are not the only ones inspired to pretend to be part of that insane world. i was not a huge borat person, though parts were quite funny. i am going to have to see bruno, based on the richard bey bit alone. bruno is out in july, and the “meinspace” page can be found at the movie’s tagline: “Ze biggest film about a hot vhite guy since Passion Of Ze Christ”

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  • superdave524

    I may well watch the movie (on dvd), but the poster’s gonna give me nightmares.

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