dear media: please stop using the word "co-ed"

p, j & i were reflecting on, what else, the jon and kate Plus 8 scandal, and started talking about the word “co-ed. ” allegedly jon hooked up with one. what the hell is a co-ed, really, we wondered? google of course gave us the low down. and wikipedia said:

Co-ed (or coed) is the shortened adjectival form of “coeducation”, and the word co-ed is sometimes also used, in the United States, as a noun to refer to a female student at a coeducational college or university. This usage reflects the historical process by which it was often female pupils who were admitted to schools originally reserved for boys, and thus it was them who were identified with its becoming “coeducational”.

folks, a female college student is just that: a college student. co-ed brings to mind betty childs from revenge of the nerds.  or those girls gone wild commercials.


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