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llcoljfor the last 8 or so months… perhaps longer than that,  i’ve been preoccupied with the death of a close friend, my dad’s ongoing illness, work/economic worries, and other personal crises such as abruptly losing my home  and coming to terms with the painful end of a long-term relationship. a lot of heavy stuff in a really short period of time.

normal things that energize and challenge me… like routine exercise and dating … more or less fell to the wayside as i focused a large amount of my time on other matters like moving, helping out at home, and grieving.  all things considered i believe i’ve held it together pretty well. and now i am getting ready to crawl out of that dark cave i’ve been cocooning in. as part of that effort, i posted a profile online. it’s something i’ve done off and on over the years. never with a winning result, though i have gone on a lot of dates and met some nice people. mostly it’s good for shifting my mind into OPEN mode. like the white light on the top of the taxi saying, “yeah, i’m available.”

for YOUR consideration, here is what i posted in my profile … tell me what you think, please!

La-di-da-di, we like to party.

Tip of the Iceberg
  • My most humbling moment
    Getting smacked in the face with a giant lily at a wedding
    bouquet toss. It was a friggin line drive straight to my
    honker. I hit the deck and got a bloody nose. Had to ice it
    and everything.
  • If I could be anywhere right now
    frolicking with my pup … and a yet-to-be-met great guy
    … at the beach
  • Five items I can’t live without
    my compie, ipod, bberry, iphone, TV … (eagerly awaiting
    the day when they can be easily & comfortably consolidated)
Why You Should Get to Know Me
Hot & healthy? checkSmart & fun? checkLoyal & loving? check
Great job & career? check
Awesome friends & fam? check
The best dog & cat a girl could want? check
A cutie pie beau who will let me shower him with ample doses of love, affection … and mockery? Currently accepting applications …
More About What I Am Looking For
Looking for someone to share my fun, colorful, creative, passionate and, moderately goofy life with. I am serious about having fun. If you can’t make me laugh, you can’t make out with me (or any of the steps thereafter). Unless you look like Daniel Craig. Yes, I can compromise.
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