happy 4th from keith richards


stonesamericai grabbed this excerpt from the victor bokris biography of keith richards. love the book and its subject. it was gifted to me by a crazy stoner hippie dude when i was an intern at The Nation. a guy i dated in the late 90’s made fun of me for having the book in my collection. he was promptly voted off the island (there were other issues, but this sealed the deal).  i don’t know when i got deeply into the stones … probably not til college. beth and i went to see them play at soldier field our sophomore year. our tickets got upgraded to the front row. keith was down on his knees right in front of us. sweet virginia! the book is fascinating … so interesting to learn about how long it took before things caught on for the stones. what i love so much about them is what i love about america … it’s rough, it’s ugly, but also sweet, sanguine and true.

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