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reidslipeveryone’s been great. thank you, lovies. i am battening down the hatches. this could be a while. in the meantime, there are still daily delights. and funny stuff. like what happened to me on Sunday in the guest lounge on the 17th floor of Sloan Kettering. I posted it on my Twitter page. Read from bottom up.

  1. Giving peep shows to cancer patients. Classy!11:08 AM Jul 12th from mobile web
  2. A boob popped out of my sundress.11:07 AM Jul 12th from mobile web
  3. A nurse woke me up. “Miss, you are exposed.”11:06 AM Jul 12th from mobile web
  4. But a funny thing happened when I fell asleep in the lounge.11:05 AM Jul 12th from mobile web
  5. I’ve got the hospital room blues. Waiting, waiting.11:05 AM Jul 12th from mobile web
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  • superdave524

    Man, I miss everything.

  • Lost

    HAHAHA! OMG! Well, at least she told you. Otherwise you could’ve been photo’d and posted up somewhere on some website. I’m sure one exists called, “Look at people at hospitals”

    Just kidding.


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