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Stories I got stories.

heartcollageThey are all building up. Perhaps this coming personal phase will be an explosion of expression. When I blow this mofo out, well … head for the hills.

I was thinking about the film “Paper Heart.” I have not seen it yet … just saw the web site and clips* and I am intrigued. It is a faux documentary that pretends to be real. Understood … faux is faux but the marketing implies that it plays directly off reality. I’m getting all jumbled but if you know what I mean, you know what I mean. Sorta montage collage.

It might be fun, but then it might just be 1.5 hours of hipster bratties in their glasses and hoodies being too cool for school. I’ll reserve judgment. Any which way, I dig the concept and think the creators are badass for getting it done and putting it out there.

I have this theory, unoriginal for sure, that the next phase of entertainment will be organic stories where there is no casting, no fundraising or formal scriptwriting & showrunning. We’ll all be out there blogging, vlogging, tweet-upping and whatnot and the best part of creativity will occur where our experiences just collide. For some of us it will simply be life – not “work” per se. For others it will be the show. The ultimate manifestation of Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage.”

Now, this is already happening for sure. It’s called culture. But entertainment itself shall become less and less institutionalized. The formal, giant artificial machinery will keep giving way until the line is totally blurred. (This will be the progression with all large institutions, BTW). Like the JL quote I trip out, that anchors this here blog: “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

* I am irritated that Charlyne Yi did not interview any women comics or actors in the video clips on the official movie web site. What the frack?

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  • I’m drawn by the notion of the collapse of the structure of the entertainment industry. Everything is entertainment, we are our own reality show. Of course, I HATE reality shows (and “entertainment”) filled with tragedy and abject misery. Oh, wait — that’s just the 5 o’clock news. Must be why I don’t watch the news.

    Interesting notion…

  • superdave524

    The Truman Show? Or maybe “The Enormous Radio” (short story from a few decades ago)?

  • I would say that our love affair and friendship is an awesome example of your theory, Col — and it’s coming to life in so many ways. Our friends will become friends, collide, hate, bump, blog, and tweet their way into other groups of friends.

    People will watch.

    Oh yes, they will watch.

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