scenes from a vigil jaunt

keeping vigil is hard, for all the obvious reasons. checking the patient a gazillion times. looking at the chest. up… down… good. dispensing water swabs and morphine, wondering if it’s enough. but also just the sheer difficulty of sitting around, doing nothing. you cry, you eat, you laugh, you tell stories, you go to get groceries.you answer the phone. you tweet. and then … oy.

the nurse came and my mom had the fort covered so kev tara and i made a run for it in my mom’s convertible to sugar loaf, ny. it’s a little arts & crafts town about 20 mins away.


it was a gorgeous day. we lollygagged around. i told kev and tara about the time i’d been there with my parents a few years ago. we stopped in a wacky little hippy shop where i bought a crystal pendant.i loved the place … partly out of sheer vanity. i think of myself as both funky and new york…


the shops are all in little old houses and you walk along a short road full of flowers to go from one place to the next.


we stopped off at a barn pub and got some Yuengling pints (Dad liked Yuengling) and told some good Dad stories.


It was a nice jaunt. A good break. A beautiful day. I am enjoying the time with my fam.


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