oh, curb. LD, how much do i love you? not enough to bed you, but take that amount and subtract a fraction. thats how much. oh buddy.


he made a funny comment on letterman last week about not getting laid much. brian stelter wrote about it in the nytimes today:

Similarly, it did not come up on the Friday episode of “The Late Show,” which was taped on Thursday. But some viewers noticed a pointed comment about Mr. Letterman’s personal life by his guest on Friday’s show, Larry David, the star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

“I’ve probably broken a record for the least amount of sex for a person who has their own television show,” Mr. David said to Mr. Letterman, adding, “I probably broke yours.”

Mr. Letterman laughed sheepishly as the audience clapped. “I don’t know,” the host said. “Oh, buddy.”

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