zenning out

“You can observe a lot just by watching.” ~Yogi Berra

nowEach day, people go about their lives. Going to work, going to school. In a way that says: same as it ever was. Myself too, in this mix. Meanwhile, gigantic walls are crumbling, bottoms falling out from the intangible structures that have carried us to the present. Behind me I see kids applying to college, looking for jobs, wanting to “climb the ranks.” Ahead of me I see “the ranks” dissolving, or at least flattening out. Large institutions transforming into horizontal waves of connected individuals. Planning is a feature of the old. We can’t plan, as a society. Pensions? Retirement? “An end in sight?” Nope. None of that. All we’ve got is now. Is that good? Is that bad? Neither. It just is.

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  • superdave524

    Oldest son just graduated with degrees in Latin and English. No work in his field. For the moment he’s working part-time as a handyman. Talk about casting against type…

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