Swiney, schleppy and busted compie : (

I survived the Swine flu. If that’s what it was. I had fever, aches, chills and intestinal woes. Came on quick Tuesday morning and left quick (am feeling much better this Wednesday evening). Which is good cause I have places to go, people to ping, things to Tweet.

Friday is moveday. Oy vey. This schlepping around is not for the faint of heart. This will be my 5th NYC apartment in 10 years. Aretha’s 4th. Rufus’ 2nd. The new joint and nabe are cool tho so it’s worth it. We’re moving into Brady’s apartment in the East Village and he and Joss are moving a coupla floors up. I’ve loved my West Village life, but I’ve known I was just a visitor. Am more of a tough hipster than a rich yupster… To thine own self be true, right?

In a classic case of bad timing my laptop crapped out last week. Dropped it off for repair and won’t have it back for another 2 weeks. In the interim I am patching my digital life (which is at least 50% of my actual life) together via iPhone, blackberry and my work compie which is also in the midst of a prolonged transition (boring story involving the worst corporate IT department I’ve ever known). Amazing how reliant I am on that ol hunk o metal.

In any case, I’m doing pretty well under the circumstances. In the sage words of Soul II Soul, keep on movin don’t stop!

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