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My master’s thesis was about how the notion that the media is not part of the stories it reports on is absurd. I hold fast to that viewpoint. Just look at the history and it’s clear that “objectivity” was adopted by newspapers as a market strategy. Offer all sides, appeal to all readers, sell more papers. Information is social. It is not pure. It is a product of the people and processes that create it. In that vein, this is a great article about how Jon Stewart called FOX News out on some bogus footage they used to create a story.

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  • thanks bri. sorry i got snippy with you there. i am just tired of the real issue getting hijacked by political tangents.

  • Bro Bri

    your “notion that the media is not part of the stories it reports on is absurd” is spot on – we see it over and over and over, long before the creation of fox news, so I guess my post was more of an aside.

  • bri, you miss the point entirely. i don’t care about the content. it’s the notion that the storytellers are separate from the story that i am interested in. the details of the gop and other political shenanigans bore me to tears. same as it ever was.

  • Bro Bri

    definitely as bad as the dan rather/mary mapes/false cya memo 60 minutes created before the 2004 election.

    but seriously, the gop would be wise not to assume this populist grass roots movement (which is more than apparent in national poll numbers) can sail them into office 2010 – and that would include editing footage of that movement for their advantage.

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