glad THAT is over …

i am letting go of this day. this post is part of my therapy to release it the same way notre dame released charlie weis. jesus mary and joseph, i’m glad it’s over.i only wish i got to hold on to $10 million.

it was one of those days where i felt beleaguered, behind and frustrated. i have a lot going on at work and it’s the kind of work where the feeling of completion and finality eludes you. you move, you push, you go go go and you don’t really have clear evidence of having moved the ball down the field each day. but you need the evidence … because that is what work is: creating evidence.

The+Shoulder+Stand+posei got stuck in the office later than intended, making it to my 7:30 yoga class just in the nick of time. stragglers continued to come in as late as 7:45, which i find to be rude. yoga is like going to the movies: anything over 5 minutes late and you should just skip it so as not to disrupt everyone else who’s already there.  it was a good class, but an odd thing occurred: the teacher and a student (old lady) got all pissy with each other over how to fold a mat to do a shoulder stand. it was weird, and not the way of the zen. i tried to let it roll off but the grouchy old lady got to me. she was being contrarian just for the hell of it.i wished she would zip it.

shitty_daywhen i got home and took rufus out, we had a scary flap outside my apartment. some neighbors were coming in from a walk with their 3 dogs and let them up the stairs ahead of them off leash. the pack came bolting toward us, cornered rufus and started biting and fighting. he was smaller than his two attackers and caught completely off guard, the poor baby. he was like: “WTF, dude? i just wanted to go for a walk.” one of them got a good bite in on his chest … i cleaned it out and it is not a deep cut so i think we’re good. what surprised me the most was my own reaction: i screeched like a horror film chick. caesar milan would not be proud of my utter lack of calm assertive energy. i was on the phone with at the time and the person on the other end heard me scream like a nutcase, which was a little embarrassing.but rufie bear is ok and all is forgiven.

goodnight, shitty day. it’s been real!

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  • crust, i actually thought of working that into the story somehow. you were like “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya” as that dog threatened my life. btw i ran laps on a track the other day, reminded me of our morning runs at Loftus.

  • Crust

    Probably not a very compassionate sign that I am laughing out loud reading your post about the dog attack. Reminds me of how we were almost attacked during a run at ND and when the dog picked you instead of me, I just left you for dead. Sorry dude.

  • col

    it makes my day to make your day, so now you made my day. it was kind of like a blair witch situation. one minute we’re chatting, the next you hear me scream violently and the phone hangs up.

    everyone is fine now … he’s just got a little scab on his chest. i need to learn how to handle that kind of situation if it happens again.

  • Beth

    oh no – i’m so sorry for your shitty day but maybe it will cheer you up to know that your call made my day. even if I had to listen to you scream and I was so scared that you and rufus were hurt! That was nutty!!

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