decking the halls

i got my first very own tree. it’s the first year i had the space and time to do it. it’s a little one. very cute. to my relief, rufus and aretha are nonplussed. they aren’t peeing on it or attempting to scale it or anything.


and the stockings were hung by the ipod with care …


it’s cold now. rufus was shivering every time we went outside so i got him a little shearling coat. it really does keep him warm.


other things i want to talk about, and shall. later, when i have more energy:
1) the awesomeness of the new york post’s coverage of tiger woods.
2) JERSEY SHORE. holy shitballs it’s amazing and everyone seems to be talking about it.
3) crapster it’s december 13 and i have done virtually no shopping yet.

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