justiceleague-10brainstorming on ideas for my sketch class. please help add to the list if you are so inclined. what are some superpowers that could make for an interesting sketch topic? below are a few i came up with. NB: can you tell i work in the corporate world? ps, the woman here has the power to hypnotize people with her boobs. that’s fairly common so i’m not sure it even qualifies as a “super” power.

obfuscater — ability to cloud the issue and confuse everybody without anyone actually calling you out on it
passive aggressor — ability to take subtle digs at people without copping to anger
talking points writer — ability to turn interesting things bland and non-controversial
cool maker — ability to take things mundane or uninteresting and render them cool in the eyes of the world
co-opter — ability to present time-honored well known ideas, institutions, objects as original/brand new
broadwayizer — ability to turn mundane daily interactions into dramatic song and dance routines
champion texter — capable of answering any and all communications, even the most complicated, with appropriate and satisfying text-language answers.

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  • superdave524

    While other students were listening in the “future interests” class in law school, I drew cartoons of Remainderman and his little dog, Tort. My law school grades were, as you might imagine, unimpressive.

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