christmas eve eve

oneadayone-a-day — i hereby will post once a day. at least. i used to post several times a day. but now that my readership is up i am sort of pnoid about revealing myself too much. bosses, colleagues, exes, etc. all read this. not that often, i am sure, but still. i wish i didn’t care what anybody thought … but i do. how embarrassing. and i wish i was the kind of person who could be all impersonal about what’s going on, but i’m not. am not the compartmentalizing type. used to be, but i’m not anymore. generally speaking, that’s good methinks. i don’t think we should be separate people in all the various contexts of life. boundaries are important and i continue to learn how to better employ them. but let’s face it: everything bleeds together.  kvetching aside, am certain i can offer a picture or a quote or something of substance each day whilst still keeping some semblance of privacy.

500days500 days of summer — watched this. gotta say, the marketing was fantastic — better than the film. i had been bummed i missed it in the theater. now, after watching on demand for $4.95, not so much. it’s cute and the subject matter is definitely totally interesting if you have ever been in an intense relationship that did not work out. but the film was weak in how it was put together. it’s loose and inconsistent. the story goes like this: boy meets girl. boy falls in love with girl. girl entertains the thought for a little while but realizes she’s just not feelin’ it. by then, boy’s too far gone. hopelessly fallen for her. pain ensues. girl meets another boy and falls for him. original boy questions the existence of love. how could something he perceived to be real turn out not to be so? there is a split screen — expectation vs. reality which just broke my heart. if you ever had an idea in your head and it turned out radically, disappointingly different, you’ll relate to this: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5275322/13912766 all said and done i am glad i watched it but generally speaking i wished i watched 16 candles via netflix instead.
jersey shore — i love it. it’s one of those shows that almost everyone i know is talking about. it’s not a train wreck — it’s a 747 crash on top of a train wreck. snooks, the situation, freckles magee. there is no end to the entertainment.
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