dear santa, circa 1982

my mom showed me this tonight. i was seven when i wrote it. christmas eve 27 years ago. wonder what i will be thinking of in another 27 years, godwilling.



December 24, 1982

Dear Santa,

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have been looking forward to your coming to our house. I know it’s hard to pick out for all the children. So I wrote this list so you know what I want. I don’t want to sound greedy but this is the only way to tell you what I want ……………. I want a new record player, Snoopy and Bell dolls, Monopoly game, Smurf View-master, tape recorder, E.T. doll. You have to think now. Please write your name here. ____________________________________ (with a little check box)


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  • Beth

    Your letter is too funny – my favorite is “You have to think now.” And that is a riot that Maggie Eastland wrote a letter just like yours!!!

  • Lissa

    Just to clarify… there is the pre-Christmas Santa letter that gets mailed, dropped in red Mail Box at Macy’s, or handed to Santa when you sit on his lap.(Ryan chose the red Mail box, Maggie the handing it b/c she claims to be too shy to speak with Mr. C.) If yours was the pre-Christmas Santa letter, I’m assuming that your mom was supposed to mail it to him, BUT I did notice the “please bring back letter” on your envelope. Even so Big Andy K and Mean Jean should be forgiven for not returning it on Christmas. Having just finished the madness of playing Santa for three kids, (the middle who happens to be 7, my little Colleen), it’s amazing that any of them received presents at all. This pre-Santa letter was probably written close to Thanksgiving and was certainly forgotten by the time Christmas actually came.
    Also there is the Christmas Eve letter next to the cookies. Maggie’s went like this:
    Dear Santa,
    Please try the Peanut Butter Blossom cookies. Don’t be afraid to save a cookie for Mrs. Claus and please only bring one present. Your reindeer don’t have to eat the celery.
    Sinserly, Maggie( with a heart for the dot on the i)
    Signcher (Signature) Please ________________________
    No middle name in cursive please p.s. Merry Christmas

    Santa did sign this one, of course.

    Too funny how similar the are. By the way the one present thing is by design. She knows that we provide the rest and Santa only brings one, by tradition. She is only feigning sweetness… but wants to make sure Santa knows that she is not greedy… I sure her reasoning went something like..being on Santa’s extra nice list might earn extra nice stocking gifts.

    Thanks to your post..I will make sure to save this one.


  • good point bri. i didn’t think of that. perhaps they wrote a letter from santa in return. for sure, the milk and cookies were polished off, as were the carrots for the reindeer. i vividly remember being awake in our red room in cherry place, thinking we heard the reindeer on the roof. that was a fun little room we had. also you signed your comment “bri bri” … brought me back. i did a facebook search and there are two brian vrandenbergs. no “think you’re so cool” keiths.

  • bri bri

    cute. did Mom and Dad neglect to sign and check the box verifying Santa’s visit?

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