what do you think about winking?

winking — the real kind — makes me think of my dad. or my poppa. or an aunt or uncle. it’s that knowing gesture that a grownup gives a kid to say, “hey kiddo, we’re in on this joke together.” there’s something fun to it. done right, it can be a charming gesture.

that said, a wink can also go wrong. like this:

or like this:

Winkstrangely, winking is a default setting on most online dating sites, designed to let you show interest in a person without “going through the trouble” of writing an actual email. basically, you’re taking a courtship method that was already devoid of real effort, and reducing it even further to one click.

the wink: for when you care enough to hit ENTER.

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  • KG

    Winks must be used judiciously – not in national debates.

    I have a wink story… if I can write it before my computer’s battery runs out.

    So, my BFF was in a boring M.B.A. class with this guy that was outlandish. He was sleeping in class on this day though. People around him started talking about his sleep mode. All of a sudden, he turned his head and gave a slow wink to the talkers. It was funny as hell.

  • Beether

    i’d like to be a winker but I think it’s something that just comes natural. You can’t force it just like you can’t make up your own nickname. i try to remember to do it but since it isn’t natural, it feels kinda creepy. no wonder i’m on the child abuse list.

  • i could see that. my mom is in on the joke with the kiddos for sure, a lifelong teacher and lover of youth. and i could totally see you being a winker. you identify with the kiddos too, cause you are one at heart.

  • kate

    Winks make me think of your mom!! she always gave me secret winks when i was little. and now i think i’m a winker.

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