happy birthday bro bri!

brimy big brother bri is one of the most special and important people in my life. he is an all around awesome individual, and sets the standard for the kind of man i want as a partner. brian is incredibly sensitive and loving. he shares what he feels and isn’t afraid to emote. he has confidence in himself and trusts others. he is smart and witty … always on top of current events and debates (which i think is cool even tho i often don’t agree with the politics). he is loyal, trustworthy and puts those he loves ahead of himself. he is an altogether amazing son, brother, husband and dad. he is handsome, athletic with good style, and was one of the first examples i saw out there in the world of an extremely popular guy who was actually a good dude. he showed me and others that you can be “successful” without being a dick. there are few things more fun for me than sitting around with bri, drinking beers, shooting the shit … talking about the latest on howard, gossiping about people from high school, discussing the banal details of our lives. bri has always been my confidante, biggest fan and a protector. how lucky i am to have brian as my brother. happy birthday bri. i love you bro!

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  • Bro Bri

    col – i usually check in weekly or bi-weekly, but with the new job on top of everything else, I have not been by. just read this and yes, i did tear up a bit. thanks for the col’s blog tribute and thanks for being such an influence on me as well. oh, maybe bro kev will respond more quickly to tomorrow’s bro kev tribute! 🙂

    love, bri

  • What an awesome tribute to your brother, Col. I am sure after reading that his eyes must have welled up. Very cool – I hope he had a happy birthday!

  • superdave

    Sounds like you’re both lucky.

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