colicolmy life has been overtaken by a comic book convention. strange, but true. it’s called comic-con. it’s a consumer event drawing up to 60,000 people a day to the san diego convention center: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, general entertainment fans and lots of geeks. my company is having an increased presence there this year. booth, panels, parties, giveaways, talent- you name it and we’re gonna have it. the amount of coordination and planning is huge. i am bleary eyed with all the work — it seems endless. we’re almost a week out now so we are approaching that critical juncture where physics trump brut force and money. space and time are finite and no amount of dough can change certain realities. theoretically this should be fun, but in truth, event planning on this scale is a nightmare. to get through it i am channeling all my zen superpowers. deep breaths. by july 26 this will all be over.

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  • superdave524

    Dude! I totally dug comic books back in the day. Spidey, Fantastic Four, all that stuff. I’m guess they don’t cost a quarter anymore…

  • Linda K.

    if anyone is up to the challenge, it’s you wo0nderwoman!

  • Good luck at ComicCon – as a long time comic geek I am a bit jealous. Not of all the work, but of your opportunity to go to ‘work’ dressed as a super hero.

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