dear david e. kelley: how not to mess up wonder woman

according to recent reports, warner brothers is developing a wonder woman TV remake. i love TV. i love wonder woman. so naturally i have some thoughts on this. here goes:

1) don’t make her too

  • thin
  • young
  • perfect
  • virtuous
  • sexual
  • political

2) do make her

  • tough
  • smart
  • athletic
  • wise
  • nurturing
  • independent

don’t tart her up like they did in the new comic version:

  • don’t make her too young (20something). – The most interesting, confident women tend to have lived a bit more.
  • don’t make her relationship status a focus. she can have a wonder dude (she deserves it), but her relationship is only one part of her life.
  • since she’s not yet a mother, wonder woman can dote on her nieces/ nephews/ other children. she may want one of her own one day, tho motherhood and superhero work are tough to juggle. (this is an ongoing theme/concern)
  • what makes wonder woman special is that she “fights” with love. she’s not aggro. She doesn’t resort to violence, threats, hardball tactics. she listens, she empathizes, she helps otherwise antithetical groups learn to understand each other and peacefully coexist. Her methods are clever, innovative yet simple.  She is the quiet leader, whose contribution isn’t immediately obvious yet always turns out to be crucial.
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