thank you, interwebs!

bustinoutof all the ways the internet has changed my life, its impact on relationships is the most profound. sure, it’s gotten me my first big job (thank you mediabistro classifieds), my first, second and fourth new york city apartments (that’s 3 for 5, not bad!) not to mention the one and only rufie bear (best rescue pup in the world, courtesy of petfinder.com).

however, the Web’s most significant contribution by far to la vida de Col is the friendships i’ve maintained, strengthened and launched online.

tonight i experienced the joy of meeting in person, at long last, a dear pal with whom i feel deeply bonded but had never, in 6 years, met. we’d seen each other through seemingly endless travails. and then to be there face to face. smiling, talking. i got to hear her voice, experience her quick wit and sharp humor, and see her ever so adorable facial gestures in action. we both geeked out quite a bit. unrepentantly. it was weird. it was fun and wonderful. it is cool knowing that as life goes on we shall continue to share it closely, from afar. it doesn’t matter that much that we don’t know how or when we shall once again reconvene face to face. there are many ways of being there.

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  • col

    Dave, I would love nothing more than to toast to the happy couple and spend some quality time breaking bread with you guys in SC. And OF COURSE, should your travels bring you to NYC, you’ve got a friend to visit! 😉

  • superdave524

    Cool, indeed (and, if, in some improbable roll of the cosmic dice, you find yourself in South Carolina, I’ll grab Lady Di and we can all get a cup of joe).

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