“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.” – Commander Spock

i am so damn tired of all those douchey business development/analyst/tech types spouting cliches about new monetization models and startup plans and the future of media and blah blah blah. there is very little creativity in the  endless yammering, and even less understanding of the intricacies of how the professional content gets made, sold, marketed and nurtured. fundamentally you have to make good shows (movies, music, whatever) and without that, all bets are off. most discussions focus on how content will be distributed and how advertising will be sold, but i believe the far more important question is how will good stories continue to be told? devices and platforms come and go but our desire for good stories transcends time.

a colleague sent this Spock quote today and it hit home. how long it took me to understand that just because something makes perfect sense doesn’t mean it’s a fait accompli. for change to occur you need to motivate others to take action. and to motivate others to take action you have to give them incentives. if you can’t explain your cause and give people a reason to follow, you aren’t going to get very far. and even if you can, it’s a crapshoot. because life and people are unpredictable. we are not machines that can be reduced to algorithms. we make decisions with our hearts as much as our minds.

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