cuckoo for cocoa pup

I left a Christmas package up on the counter last night. Sethie and I went to The Rejection Show at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater (great — several Jimmy Fallon Show writers/peeps).

When we got home I found vestiges of the Christmas Artisan Bars wrappers strewn about.Rufie had jumped up there, poked the box off the counter and went cookoo for those beautiful English cocoa bars.

He was a little hyper but that’s not unusual. But then I felt his heartbeat — it was going a mile a minute. It was crazy! Called a 24 hour animal hospital. They told me to call the Animal Poison Control Hotline. I did. I told them exactly what he ate and what he weighs. They put me on hold for a little while, and then said sometimes it’s OK to wait it out and induce them to barf at home, but given the amount he consumed and his rapid heart beat, I had better get him to the Emergency Room pronto.

Just before we left the apartment, he barfed a giant pile of chocolate. I scooped him up and carried him rather than let him do the stairs — his heart was so extreme — I didn’t want to create any further strain.

The hospital was great. Quick, clean, competent. Way better than human hospitals. Probably because there is a profit motive and no insurance involved.

He barfed again almost immediately when we brought him in to the examination room. And two more times before the doctors got started. They induced more vomiting (to get it all out), and then hooked him up to an EKG to monitor his crazy heart beat and an IV to rehydrate him.

By the time we got home it was after 2. I barely slept, so worried.

But the vet was great about calling me with updates and all the news was good. He was getting better.

Anyways, long story a little shorter I picked him up at 8:30 tonight. He is safe and snug and sleeping at home right next to me.

A hilarious part of the discharge report: “Rufus may have some diarrhea over the next day or two due to his dietary indiscretion.”

We’ve all been there, no?

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