nyc winter commuter haiku

Slow subway lady
Meandering without aim
I want to beat you

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  • KG


  • kristina

    oh my gosh, i had totally forgotten about that! the lapsed catholic guilt.

    the slow moving, coffee shop door blocking fools i’ve encountered this week on my commute have all seemed sighted. planets must be f**d up.

  • col

    kris, i chuckle over that story about your impatience – walking behind a very slow walker up the stairs to carroll hall. getting all vexed about it, only to realize that the person was blind. (quite larry david of you)

    dave, good one — i hadn’t heard that before. i’ll unfortunately have ample opportunity to use it soon!

  • superdave524

    Ya gotta love it. There’s no business like snow business.

  • kristina

    Classic Col haiku style 🙂 Lots of befuddled pedestrians here lately too.

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