let go

Shit happens. Our best laid plans are disrupted by events outside of our control. Like my busted wrist? Annoying? Yes. Tragic? No. A friend said perhaps that was the universe’s way of slowing me down. I think she was right.

Today the L train was inexplicably stopped cold for 10 minutes. There was a crazy homeless guy ranting loudly. He was singing Christmas carols and explaining how women look for the wrong qualities in men when choosing mates.

A tall, skinny, preppy looking white guy in glasses hit his breaking point around minute 9, pacing and huffing loudly, “Are you f-ing kidding me with this train today?!” (Cue the Eddie Murphy white guy voice.) No one looked at him to give him the sympathetic nod he was looking for. We were all late and frustrated but whining like a bitch helps nobody.

Finally, the train started up again and we swiftly arrived at our destination. But the doors were still shut, holding us in. Moments later, the conductor stepped into the car. It was clear that something weird/bad had been going on with the train that morning. The whiney guy gave him a look of chastisement and said, “Seriously man, are you kidding me with this train today?”

The conductor, who looked a little like Suge Knight, directed his ice grill gaze straight ahead, without so much as acknowledging the little dude. Seconds later the doors opened and we all bolted away. And I am thinking of what a jerk that guy was and how he’s no doubt going about his day making other people miserable because he cannot accept the fact that he does not control the world. None of us do.

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  • KG

    Ah, I’ve been riding the L less these days, but there’s always one. lol
    Oh, and the person tries to engage me in the whining. I think I must have a very sympathetic face because folks tend to pick me out of a crowd. Anyway, little does he/she know that I’m on the edge of laughing in their face because of their utter lack of patience in an uncertain situation. Dude — it’s only been 10 minutes (usually, not even that).

    Now, if you expressed some immediate urgency like needing to go to the bathroom or you’ll stink up the car or I’m about to get illegally crazy, then you might get some engagement.

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  • Absolute best piece I have read in a while. Get over yourself, hipster.

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