desultory thoughts

1. AGING Liam’s 3.5 year old mind is starting to grasp and be curious about the concept of age. Liam: You getting older Auntie Col? Me: Yes, I’m getting older. Liam: Why? Me: That’s just how it goes. We all get older. Liam: Why? … I have never been one to fear/dread getting older or be shy about my age. Perhaps it will hit at some point down the line, but so far “growing up” has been great — way better than the alternative! I find it annoying when people, particularly women, obsess over growing older. Yes, society values young over older and men over women so older women can face diminished prestige as they age. But society has f-ed up values. Screw that! Focus on things that really matter — love, people, relationships, doing and making things you care about. FTW and give up on trying to please all people all the time. Older, wiser & ballsier.

2. TRIPS On the road again, once again. Tomorrow Boston bound to meet Anna Mae, Cuz Kate & her hubby Conor’s new baby girl (named after our Grandma O’Connor). Beyond pumped to meet the peanut and hug and hang my cousin/sister/uni-brain.   Then Tuesday I am headed to UNC-CH to do some guest lectures at my grad school alma mater, UNC School of Journalism & Mass Communication!! Cannot wait. First time back since I finished there 10 years ago. Great time to be in the Triangle — weather, tourney and I get to visit with beloved Laurzipan!


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