Travis Bickle: One of these days I gotta get myself organizized.
Betsy: Organizized? Dont you mean organized?
Travis Bickle: No, organizized. It’s a joke.
Betsy: Oh, like those signs that says, “Thimk.”

– TAXI DRIVER (1976)

i am a big picture person. themes trends, ideas, how the world is shaping up? that’s my bag. the details? not as strong on that front. i can’t be bothered with small scale order. add to this, i am a sentimentalist. i don’t part with things easily. both of these features leave me at a disadvantage when it comes to things like running a household all by my lonesome. albeit my own tiny household. me and two pets in a modest rented 1 BR in the east village.

well, i decided to get some help. i went on craigslist and found sherry the organizer. her rate was affordable and her process sounded on point. i checked all her references — they were glowing — and made an appointment to have her come give chez col the treatment.

friends and fam asked if i felt safe letting a stranger in to my home with full access to all my stuff. first off, i have almost nothing of value! (mom, don’t worry i kept my diamonds on me…). secondly, i could tell from her shy, no-nonsense, demeanor that there was no funny business with this lady. one look at sherry and i could tell she is obsessed with order. her attention to detail is clinical. she has a one track mind and that mind says: clean this crazy shit up!

the hardest part of the whole proceeding, for me, was trying to stay out of my house for 8 consecutive hours on a sunday. i stopped in several times but for the most part left sherry to her business. she cleaned and reorganized my entire dresser, closet and storage bins. she swapped out my winter/spring clothes. she was non judgmental. got a lot of costumes, wigs, beards, and random props lying around? who doesn’t! she also helped me part ways with some ridiculous items, i.e. sandals that had gotten the rufus treatment years ago and were dangling by a thread, a busted plastic sickle, and the plastic cast from when i broke my wrist.

Thank you, O Queen of Organization.  I apologize for inadvertently humming “Oh Sherry” as you were gathering your stuff to go. And I apologize in advance that I will I will sing it again when you come back to do my kitchen and bathroom. But I do not apologize for loving the new world order that reigns in Apt 7! This one’s for you!

BEFORE                                                                              AFTER

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