Things I want in a mate: a dude who

1. I respect intellectually
2. Is emotionally generous
3. Definitely digs me as much or more than I dig him
4. Is with me because it’s his best option and he knows it
5. Desires me and our life together
6. I am proud to be with
7. Is fun to wake up with at LEAST 1/3 of the time
8. Makes me want to be my personal best and supports me in my pursuits
9. Expresses his love in ways that meet my needs
10. Sees and adores my true essence

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  • Yeah 10 things is a tall order. It’s a goal to help guide the search but I’ve never been one to sit there and nitpick. It’s about the whole individual, how he or she makes you feel.

  • Each one of those things seems like a complete necessity. Yet…when you read the entire list, it reminded me of something my dad said to me. In essence, having a preformed picture of your mate in your mind makes you “run the risk of never finding what you are looking for.”

    But life is risk. Don’t take this as any sort of advice, because my advice will lead you straight to Crapville.

  • Umm yeah I think you are correct. But don’t tell him. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Jake

    Wait, based on #3 from the previous post and #3 from this one, if he digs you more than you dig him, shouldn’t he break up with you and remain single?

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