Lamont’s Five Point Exploding Limbs Technique

When my friend and trainer of 5 years works me really hard after a prolonged absence of workouts, I experience serious pain … approximately 24 hours later. We train at night so one would expect I’d wake up in the morning feeling it. But I don’t. I wake up feeling like I do on any other morning … erroneously thinking I am in the clear. It creeps up throughout the day, and about 24 hours to the minute later, I find myself hobbling. Sore of legs, arms, back, head & neck. As my Dad used to say, I am a hurtin’ unit!

The delayed suffering always reminds me of one of my absolute favorite parts of the Kill Bill movies … The Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. The Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique is a deadly kung-fu move, taught to Beatrix Kiddo by Pai Mei, and used by Beatrix to kill Bill. The essence is this: the aggressor hits in certain pressure points on the victim’s chest using three quick hits with the palm. The target appears to be fine, but once he or she takes five steps, the power and location of the punch causes his or heart to explode.


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