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not to get all oprah on you but i am pretty into self improvement, self analysis, working hard to live up to my potential in this life. otherwise, why live? when it comes down to it, i am pretty much a full on aristotelian.

According to Aristotle, happiness consists in achieving, through the course of a whole lifetime all the goods — health, wealth, knowledge, friends, etc., that lead to the perfection of human nature and to the enrichment of human life. This requires us to make choices, some of which may be very difficult. Often the lesser good promises immediate pleasure and is more tempting, while the greater good is painful and requires some sort of sacrifice. For example, it may be easier and more enjoyable to spend the night watching television, but you know that you will be better off if you spend it reading, writing and working on your creative projects. Developing a good character requires a strong effort of will to do the right thing, even in difficult situations.

over the years i have figured out that the following 10 things are ways I could be a better person, which leads me to be a happier person. nothing mindblowing here. it’s all pretty basic. essentially, i need to be less liz lemon-ny. easier said than done!

1. Sleep more
2. Run more
3. Read more
4. Write more
5. Do Yoga more
6. Save more (dough)
7. Make more effort (to date and be social)
8. Watch less TV
9. Use less Internet
10. Eat less processed food

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