six words

when i am commuting on the L train sometimes i think about writing haikus about my commuter rage.

please hipster lady
take off your sunglasses now
you are not too cool

but then i forget what a haiku is. 5 – 7 – 5? yes. (thank you wikipedia … too bad there’s no wifi down there and i never remember when i need to).

something easier: a six word story.  no commitment. say a lot with even littler. check out SMITH’s six word story challenges. I have only done a few. Here they are: http://www.smithmag.net/community/people.php/colsblog

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  • col

    good one steve. but if we’re getting technical here, it should be “like finding twenty in the laundry” … the $ sign implies dollars or bucks which is sneaking in a 7th word. either way, twenty still sounds good to me!

    crust, i miss you too my friend. remember when we used to plan 1/2 marathons together for like five minutes? oy. i will call you some time after july 25. and i will be emailing you & beeth requesting my annual reminder of steve baddy’s birthday. 🙂 xxoo

  • Crust

    You’re killing me, Col! Totally cracked up yesterday with the tuxedo shirt admission and now this haikus. Aaah, I miss you!

  • Like finding $20 in the laundry…

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