cali adventures

made my way out to LA last thursday night. the woman next to me on the flight dropped names like my iphone drops calls. i was haggard and cranky upon arrival at the avis station, but managed to crack a smile for the guy behind the counter. the result? i got a sweet red Stang at no extra charge. not a particularly practical car for my week of carting and schlepping various comic-con chattel. but it’s getting the job done.

had some meets at tv city on friday and then an inventory check at a local warehouse, all before the official kickoff to carmageddon, the historic closing of the 405 freeway for two consecutive days. the media hype was excessive. as a result, people stayed off the roads and the work got done quicker. the communications strategy worked! the message was received and it successfully changed people’s behavior. love when that happens.

highlights of my cali trip so far

* went to UCB West for the first time. saw the ASSSCAT show. someone proposed to his GF as part of the show. it was pretty awesome.

* went to my fave Yoga studio in Santa Monica, YogaHop. Completely kicks my ass. Love it.

* listened to the Howard Stern Lady GaGa interview my entire drive down to SD. It was amazing! I am not a GaGa fan but after that, I have a newfound respect. And Howard remains THE best interviewer of our time.

now i am in San Diego, getting ready for Comic-Khaaaaaaaaaan!. Stay tuned!

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