summer: we outchea

Another summer’s over. What the hell? I missed mine. I worked too much. I knew it while I was doing it, and I did it anyway.

Learned a lot, and I will be better next year. Time’s a tickin. Youth. Freedom. Gotta make the most while I can. Or so they all tell me.

On to lighter thoughts … The new Kanye/Jay Z is excellent. Am listening to it constantly. What else new is good? How to find anything new that I love? Tough.

Sometimes it comes as a gift. Like a book I just received for my birthday from Beeth … Peter Bart’s “Infamous Players.” It was superb. Talk about going behind the curtain. The guy nails it. The personalities, the intrigues. Loved his descriptions of impetuous artists and actors raging against the corporate/studio “heavies.” The very structures they purported to disdain delivered their livelihoods and made them the stars that they were. In sum: male egos run amok, creating chaos and waste and a few inadvertent gems in between.

next book in the queue: “just kids” by patti smith.

so, with a moderately boring/socially unfulfilling summer behind me, I am getting back to myself. Working out, eating better, getting out there, being social, etc. I started P90-X. Dang. Not fun but I think I’ll give it a go. I have not been super fit in quite some time and why not now? What else do I have to do?

Things I am looking forward to:

LOS CABOS vacation … Oct. 7 – 14
ND buds visit NYC weekend of Nov 18-20

OK, enough ramblings. WE OUTCHEA …

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